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Taycan Concept

There are numerous aspects to the soul. It is fluid, ever-changing, and manifests itself in a number of ways. By a gleaming smile that exudes complete joy. Or by the need for independence when driving the new Taycan Cross Turismo.


Two automobiles with the essence of Porsche that reflect the future. The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo are two types of Taycans. Timeless, uncomplicated, and instantly recognizable. Three design characteristics that characterize every Porsche, including the Taycan, which carries our DNA into a new era of automobiles.


Porsche Taycan

Physical switches have almost entirely been replaced with a new revolutionary digital design. The end effect is a cleaner, more streamlined look with improved functionality. The same digital simplicity approach applies to the displays: they are straightforward, customizable, and distraction-free.

16.8-inch curved display

Porsche Taycan

The instrument cluster, which features a 16.8-inch curved display and is flanked by control panels with Direct Touch Control for choosing lighting and chassis settings, is also driver-focused, as is characteristic of Porsche.

Head-up display

Porsche Taycan

The optional head-up display also shows the most important driving data straight into the driver's field of view.

Optional compass display

Porsche Taycan

Another analogue feature of the Taycan Cross Turismo can be seen if you glance to the right: the optional compass display on the dashboard.

Communication Management

Porsche Taycan

Your audio, navigation, and communication control center: Porsche Communication Management (PCM), which includes online navigation, was developed by Porsche. ¹. Individually customize the PCM display on the 10.9-inch center dashboard for easy access to the most critical features.

¹ Requires Porsche Connect.

8.4-inch centre console control panel

Porsche Taycan

This touch-sensitive panel with haptic feedback includes a shortcut bar and direct control of temperature controls. The charging status is displayed on the screen while the vehicle is parked.


Emotionally charged and future-oriented

What was true of the iconic Porsche 356 from 1948 is even more true of the new Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo: a vehicle idea that reflects changing automotive times need a soul bearing the illustrious Porsche moniker.


We created Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM) for braking energy recovery in all Taycan models, which works innovatively and can recover up to 90% of braking energy. This means that during active braking, recovery is enabled initially, and the mechanical brake is only activated when greater braking is necessary - all intelligently managed by a blended braking system. As a result, your car's stopping power is substantially improved, and some of the kinetic energy is converted into additional miles of driving pleasure: energy may be fed back into the battery with an excellent recuperation output of up to 275kW. Or, to put it another way, while sporty, daily driving, you may get up to a third of your range only from recovery. Electrical energy may be collected by braking from 124mph to 0 for an additional range of up to 2 miles when using recuperation braking. **

Driving modes

Porsche Taycan

At every pace, the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo are intended to provide comfort and confidence. The intelligent driving modes allow the driver to further customize the car's personality.

Gravel Mode - is exclusive to the Cross Turismo and improves grip and performance on slick terrain like as gravel or mild mud. Keeping you going even when you're off the usual path.

Active Aerodynamics

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Active Aerodynamics with adjustable cool air intakes on the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo are designed specifically for dynamic driving. The Taycan also includes an adjustable rear spoiler that expands in three phases depending on the driving situation: at 90, 160, and 200 kilometers per hour, it shows where an electric vehicle becomes a sports car, and a sports car becomes a Porsche. The final stage (Performance) ensures maximum driving stability and optimum dynamic potential.


Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB) is a ceramic-coated cast-iron brake disc. The brakes include not just white calipers, but also corrosion resistance of the brake discs, even after extended periods of inactivity, and significantly less brake dust generation. As a result, the brakes and wheels stay cleaner for longer.

Porsche Electric Sport Sound

Porsche Taycan

It also delivers an altogether new acoustic experience: it generates practically no noise — all you can hear is the legal-compliant external sound. The optional Porsche Electric Sport Sound - a system whose original nature makes the vehicle's own drive sound look even more passionate, both outside and inside – provides a distinctive acoustic accompaniment to active driving. For your right foot, this is the optimum feedback.


Top speed. Even when at a standstill.

The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo also show their Porsche DNA in terms of charging time and range. Because we think that a sports vehicle should always be ready to go, we do everything we can to make simple charging a part of everyday life. Because the only thing on your mind should be where you're going next. The Porsche Charging Eco-System is designed to work in tandem with the Taycan, allowing you to charge at home, on the road, and when you arrive at your final destination. The bulk of charging will take place at home for most drivers, and we have a variety of clever charging options to suit your daily needs. Through the Porsche Charging Service, we provide access to an increasing number of public charge stations that can be simply triggered with an RFID card or smartphone, thanks to our partners like IONITY. In addition, high-performance Porsche Turbo Chargers will be installed in select Porsche Centers, allowing the Taycan to reach 62 miles of range in about 6 minutes (WLTP) under ideal conditions1. With Porsche Destination Charging, you can charge your car for free at a variety of carefully selected locations, including hotels, restaurants, and spas.

¹Optimum conditions: CCS fast-charging pedestal with >270kW, >850V, battery temperature 30°C to 35°C and initial charge status 5%.

Porsche Mobile Charger

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Mobile Charger Plus comes standard with the Taycan and allows you to charge at home using a regular household plug or a specialized industrial outlet for faster charging speeds. The optional Porsche Mobile Charger Connect may be used in conjunction with the Porsche Charging Dock to create a sleek, attractive, and secure charging station for an outdoor or garage installation for intelligent charging features.

Porsche Chargind Dock

Porsche Taycan

For your Porsche Mobile Charger Connect1, the optional Porsche Charging Dock is an attractive wall mounting solution. To offer a safe and elegant home charge point, the charging gear may be quickly clipped in to the dock and linked to either a regular domestic socket or a dedicated industrial outlet.

¹ Not compatible with the Porsche Mobile Charger Plus due to differing dimensions of the charging hardware

Home Installation

Porsche Taycan

Using our recommended source for home charging installation services, Andersen EV, makes installing the Porsche Mobile Charger Plus or the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect at your house a breeze. Andersen EV can offer you with a customised estimate to install the hardware in your preferred location once you've chosen your ideal charging option. Alternatively, if you want, you can hire an electrician of your choosing.



The Taycan Cross Turismo not only delivers a comfortable ride for drivers and passengers, but also lots of room. The same may be said for the movable storage spaces. The front baggage compartment is supplemented by a large rear boot that can be expanded from 446 litres1 to a total of 1,212 litres1 by folding down the rear seat backrests. In addition, the vehicle's useful and foldable baggage compartment cover can be simply stowed behind the back seats, and the vehicle's larger tailgate makes loading and unloading a breeze.


Porsche Taycan

Stream with Apple Music built-in

Apple Music is seamlessly integrated with PCM, putting music at your fingertips. Simply press the Apple Music icon to listen to over 75 million ad-free songs and playlists suitable for every driving situation. You can even use Apple Music to build your own personalized station using any song you hear on the radio. Apple Music will be available for free for up to six months to new Taycan or Taycan Cross Turismo owners1.

¹ Apple Music subscription required. Complimentary in-car music streaming data included for three years.Image Courtesy of !K7 Music

Voice Pilot

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Connect has been enhanced to incorporate new services in the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo. Above all, Voice Pilot, which recognizes natural, intuitive native speech using the term "Hey Porsche." Your automobile will respond to comments like "I'm chilly," and multimodal control with touch and voice instructions is also possible: for example, point to the map and say "Start navigation."

Power Steering Plus

Porsche Taycan

Everything at Porsche centers on flawless road holding – and hence driving enjoyment. This is boosted even further with Power Steering Plus. It automatically adapts the steering to your speed, making it easy to drive at both fast and low speeds.

Porsche InnoDrive

Porsche Taycan

The combination of a driver aid system with a pleasurable driving experience. The road's route and street signs are recognized ahead of time, and speed is changed accordingly. The desire to turn is detected when you utilize the direction indicator, and your speed is immediately decreased.

Active Lane Keeping

Porsche Taycan

Keep going in the correct direction. Continuous steering interventions keep you in the centre of your lane when driving at high speeds. In traffic congestion, your car gives support even at low speeds and follows the path of the road.

Online Search

Porsche Taycan

Your Taycan isn't only quick on the road; it's also quick off the line. It's also a fast-loading search engine. Look up locations, restaurants, and hotels on the internet. With a wealth of additional information, including reviews and pricing.


Porsche Taycan

Many roads have traffic, but Porsche drivers can simply escape it. Your route is updated in real time thanks to real-time traffic data, so you will be rerouted as needed if there are any delays along the way.

Charging Planner

Porsche Taycan

Particularly efficient when it comes to charging. Are you planning a longer trip? The Charging Planner will figure out the best route for you based on your current battery state and necessary charging time. This guarantees that you always follow the quickest route, since the most convenient charging stations are chosen to provide a smooth and efficient travel.

Connect App

Porsche Taycan

Everything is in order. Do you want to know how much range your Taycan has left? Do you want to check your charge status, adjust the charging time, or simply select the desired interior temperature? All of this is possible owing to the Porsche Connect app, which is simple to use.

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